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Company Overview

Rapid expansion and outstanding reputation has brought Ace Audio to the forefront of the Central Texas professional audio industry. Founded in Round Rock, Texas, Ace Audio has grown from a small, local business to a diversified firm, offering a complete range of products, services and designs. We can take the vision you have for your project design, create and complete it; within your budget and your specific needs in mind.

A rapidly expanding player in the communications industry, Ace Audio’s experience includes multiple projects and services that provide digital technology to a score of clients across Central Texas. Ace Audio is a CMBL/QISV vendor and is HUB Certified by the State of Texas.

We offer the Draka Molex cabling solution, with a 25 year warranty. Our technicians are Bert-tek/OASIS certified in Panduit, Leviton, Ortronics, Seimons and Hubble.

Mission Statement

“Ace Audio Communications, Inc. strives to provide high-quality, economically sound products, and exemplary service while maintaining ethical business relationships that set us apart from the competition in the market-driven technology sector.”